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Seasons hottest material
Linen Style-Guide

Seasons hottest material Linen Style-Guide
Linen Style-Guide68

First in Line(n)

Ready to make your style heart beat faster? Then pay close attention, because linen is the material warm weather romances are made of. No wonder: Thanks to the cooling effect on the skin, the light and airy pieces convince with inner and outer values. Can't wait to show off your crush? In the all-over look of pants, shirt and jacket, the eyes belong to you! Tip: Shine bright – linen pieces look especially elegant in light, timeless natural shades!

Seasons hottest material Linen Style-Guide

Chasing the sun

No matter whether you're heading south or just to your garden - casual short-sleeved shirts and shorts made of linen create a stylish vacation feeling in no time. How do you style it? Casual, of course! While unbuttoned shirts exude chill vibes, good moods are guaranteed thanks to gaudier shades, like pink.

Andrea - Blush Shorts Look
Andrea - Blush Shorts Look