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All you need to know
Denim size guide and hacks

All you need to know Denim size guide and hacks
Denim size guide and hacks143

Find your perfect size

Finding the perfect pair of jeans? Easier said than done – up until now! Did you know that brands offer different sizing systems? Some use the international sizing system (XS, S, M, L, etc), some use the European one (EU 40, etc) and others use the American sizing in inches, which is based on the waist and length ratio. Keep reading to learn the best way to find your size.

How to measure yourself

To determine the jeans size, proceed as follows:

Waist circumference: Measure around your natural waistline. Stand relaxed and measure directly on your skin.

Hip circumference: Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Don't pull the tape measure too tight, because your jeans could end up being too tight.

Inseam length: Stand barefoot, relaxed and straight on the floor. Leave a distance of about 10 cm between your feet. Measure from the inside of the leg to the ankle bone. Tip: In order to obtain the most accurate measurement possible, another person should take over the measurement.

Convert cm to inches

For the sizing system represented in inches, you only need to convert the waist and length measurement results. The following formula applies: 1 inch corresponds to 2.54 cm. Divide the determined values by 2.54 cm. For example, a waist measurement of 73 is 29 inches rounded up, while a leg measurement of 82 cm is 32 inches rounded down. Your ideal jeans size is therefore W29/L32. This table can serve as a guideline for determining your size. The size chart of the brand you are interested in can offer a more precise orientation as sizes and fits vary by brand.

All you need to know Denim size guide and hacks

Make loose denim fit perfectly

Are your favorite jeans not fitting so well anymore? With these simple handy hacks you can recreate your made-for-me-fit and it takes less than 15 seconds. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Make denim shorts from your jeans

Tired of your old jeans but not ready to give up on them quite yet? Easy, upgrade them into a pair of denim shorts! Watch the video to find out how to do it.