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We Love Fashion.
And We Love Our Planet.

Our contribution
We believe in the idea of doing business with a positive environmental impact and the fair treatment of all people. We, therefore, aim to operate our business with as many positive impacts as possible for anyone or anything. As part of our approach, we focus on three areas: sustainability-focused products, circularity, and our environmental footprint.
Sustainability-focused products
No product is 100% sustainable. But we believe that many products are a preferred choice compared to their conventional counterparts. With our shop features, we aim to empower our customers to make informed shopping decisions factoring in the environmental and social impacts of products.
Navigate Our Sustainability Symbols While Shopping
Check out our Sustainability category to find inspiration.
Use our sustainability filters to select the products with your preferred sustainability focus.
Tap on the symbol while shopping to see the summary of a product's sustainability.
Check out the sustainability section on the product detail page to find even more information on the material, production, and certifications of products.
With our circular fashion initiatives, we want to extend the lifetime of a product and reduce waste from fashion production and consumption. Our offer in the upcycling assortment makes it easier to foster more sustainable alternatives to firsthand fashion.
Upcycling assortment
Our Footprint
We continuously measure our environmental footprint and gradually improve our analysis. Based on gained insights, we set targets and reduce our footprint, coordinate improvements with our partners, and compensate for all CO₂ emissions that cannot be reduced directly.
Discover our Corporate Measures
Our financial year (FY) 2022/2023 in numbers
In FY 2022/2023, we reduced our e-commerce operations' emission intensity to 1.20 kg CO₂e per order, marking an improvement in our emissions efficiency from a base year 2020/2021 value of 1.31kg CO₂e. Moreover, we lowered our Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 53.7% compared to a 2020/2021 base year, underscoring our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Lastly, we increased the percentage of our business partners with science-based targets to 54.4%. These achievements reflect our ongoing efforts to prioritize sustainability and reduce our environmental impact.
How Can You Contribute?
It is as simple as cutting back on consumption, making more mindful choices, choosing circularity in your day-to-day decisions and taking care of your favourite garments to extend their life. Explore our Love Your Wardrobe page for simple and creative repair and care tips.
More mindful purchasing
Less is truly more and there are many ways to make your purchases more mindful. From building a capsule wardrobe, choosing upcycled, secondhand or the more sustainable side of fashion – the options are endless. Choose brands that share your values and buy with the intention to love your pieces for as long as possible.
More care. More life.
Proper care will help your clothes last longer. This can be as simple as following the care label instructions, or washing less and in an environmentally friendly way. Find a good tailor and don't throw your clothes away – give them a chance, give them a second life.
More circularity
Get creative, get circular. You can repurpose or upcycle your clothes, do some DIY projects, as well as sell or donate them to a good cause. Passing on or exchanging your clothes with your friends is also cute and circular – just make it fun.